Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Valley Range - Art

In Valley Range, the beauty and majesty of a mountain range is captured in a monochromatic piece with strong, uncomplicated lines. The solid, dark circles have an imposing presence in the painting, and they represent the strength and majesty of ancient mountains. These circles comprise the mountain range alluded to in the painting’s title. The titular valley is finds shape in the gray-shaded figure at the center of the piece.

The depiction of the mountain range and its accompanying valley in Valley Range is modernistic and abstract, rather than a naturalistic depiction of a mountain valley’s true appearance. By creating an abstract, non-figurative picture of the mountains and valley, the essential nature the valley is captured, rather than simply portraying its physical attributes. The power of the mountains is evoked by the dense color saturation of the circles. By giving them a more compact appearance than a naturalistic image of the mountain, the artist imbues these circles with the sense of compressed energy and power. The valley, by contrast, is calm, its energy diffuse and airy as the light color saturation of its image. The valley is a peaceful place, set in the midst of the power and majesty of the mountains.

Copyright ©2009 Claretta Webb
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