Sunday, May 24, 2009

Unruly Ocean - Art

Unruly Ocean is a striking piece, an artistic work that has possesses both clarity and insight at its heart. As suggested by the painting’s title, the ocean depicted in this piece is indeed unruly. Its waves seem to go this way and that, moving cross-directionally to each other. While some of the lines suggest vertical movement across the painting, others move horizontally. The camber of the waves is also widely varied. The waves are at time sharply curved, while at other times they have a loose, relaxed bend. The tighter curvature of the waves gives an impression of higher energy, while the limber, lazy waves of the water suggest repose and a calmer sea.

This uncluttered painting has simple lines, yet its meaning is undeniably sophisticated. The ocean in the painting represents life, with all of its seemingly conflicting characteristics and experiences. Like the unruly ocean in the painting, life is at times full of energy and movement and at other times calm and tranquil. As the waves in the painting move in different directions, so can life take a sudden turn in a new direction, abandoning the old trajectory completely. Unruly Ocean is simple piece invites the viewer into deeper contemplation of the nature of life.

Copyright ©2009 Claretta Webb
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