Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Troi Ghost - Art

In Troi Ghost, a dark, yet nearly transparent figure is featured as the painting’s subject. The figure has an ominous appearance, its dark shading and mysterious black mark creating a sense of apprehension in the viewer. The translucent nature of the figure’s body marks it as the ghost of the painting’s title. Though it has a forbidding appearance, the ghost is a beautiful figure, its graceful curves pleasing to the eye.

The black rectangle affixed to the front of the ghost’s body is a mysterious symbol. Its dark black color denotes some sinister nature, and evil boxed in for safekeeping only to be released to cause harm. Perhaps this is the ghost’s purpose, to release the evil held inside the pitch back box he holds. The ghost becomes a villainous figure, a harbinger of death and destruction, and a fearful apparition who holds a powerful force capable of great harm. Troi Ghost is a piece that may leave the viewer with an unexpected sense of apprehension.
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