Thursday, May 21, 2009

Easy Exit - Art

In Easy Exit, a simple red figure provides a beautiful, graceful focal point in a meaningful, evocative painting. The lines of this painting are quite simple and elegant. Graceful curves and a vibrant red color make this painting visually pleasing and rather calming to look at. Uncluttered and peaceful, this painting sweeps away the stress and clutter of the mind, offering viewers of this piece an “easy exit” from worries and stress through the contemplation of a truly beautiful, well proportioned work of art.

This painting is made up of a cluster of arcs that are overlapped to create an elegant, symmetrical design. The crossing of the arcs is skillful and provides a sense of order in this painting. The orderly arrangement of this piece is a welcome contrast to the hectic, frantic pace of the modern world. Easy Exit offers the viewer an escape into a world in which symmetry and orderly composition are the norm, providing welcome respite from the chaos of the universe.

Copyright ©2009 Claretta Webb
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