Friday, May 29, 2009

Sea Flower - Art

Sea Flower portrays in vibrant colors the image of a flower in full bloom. The flower dominates the painting, though the deep reddish hue of the background also draws the viewer’s attention. The flower, floating in its strange, dark sea, is visually compelling. The painting creates an eerily tranquil mood, as though the viewer is taking a closer look at the flora in some dreamy new world, where the water is dark and strange, yet there is beauty floating on the surface. The painting creates a strong mood and a lasting impression.

The artist’s choice of color for the flower is also worth noting. The flower’s colors are not naturalistic; rather they are as unusual as the colors of the flower’s surroundings. The green streaks on the flower’s petals and the green center are unusual and again evoke the strange landscape of the painting. Yet, the ivory and pink petals are familiar and comforting, connecting the world of the painting with the natural world of the viewer.

Copyright ©2009 Claretta Webb
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