Monday, May 25, 2009

Twolove Flowers - Art

This piece is a monochromatic painting focusing on the image of a cluster of fruit on the stem. The fruits, which appear to be cherries, are depicted in a single shade of purple. The cherries hang in the painting in a cluster of three from the top of the painting. The form of image merely suggests cherries. Only an outline of their shape is given, creating an impression that is not naturalistic, but rather quite surreal.

In fact, the cherries are painted in the color purple, an unusual color more befitting grapes. The cherries are an outline, a skeletal model for their true form. Though cherries are an everyday object, the painting’s treatment of this mundane item is remarkable and quite beautiful. The simple, strangely colored form found in the painting is a study in non-naturalistic depictions of ordinary objects.

Copyright ©2009 Claretta Webb
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