Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blue River - Art

In Blue River, the meander lines of a river are exaggerated in an abstract piece that is visually compelling and evocative of the nature of a flowing body of water. Rather than the naturally occurring gentle curves that can be seen in the path of a river, the figure in the painting has curves that are quite drastic and sharp, causing the river to contort in strange and provocative ways. This river turns unexpectedly, winding across the painting in an unnatural, yet captivating, shape.

The blue color that comprises the monochromatic color scheme of this painting evokes the cool qualities of the water. This particular shade of blue is light and airy, the pale blue of a clear river in the sunshine. This strange river still captures the familiar feelings associated with river – cool water, sunshine, and natural beauty. Blue River’s abstract depiction of a river changes the viewer’s perception, yet brings to mind recognizable feelings from real-life experiences with rivers in the natural world.

Copyright © 2009 Claretta Taylor Webb
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