Saturday, May 16, 2009

Drought - Art

Drought is a dark and menacing painting that captures the consequences of a natural disaster, such as a drought. A dark, dense cloud dominates this piece, a negative symbol of pain and suffering. The black color of this cloud suggests evil and death, giving this painting a frightening mood. The darkness of this cloud is dense and forbidding, a representation of the dangers that accompany a drought or other natural disaster.

Droughts have brought death and suffering to mankind for centuries. Lack of water from rainfall brings discomfort and hunger, the death of essential crops, and widespread pain. This frightening piece captures the natural human fear of drought, this fear evoked in the form of a dark cloud. The use of a cloud to represent the hardship associated with drought is rather ironic. Clouds are associated with rain, and the use of a cloud to represent the drought is an interesting feature of the painting’s depiction. Drought is a complex painting that examines the nature of one of the most frightening natural disasters mankind can face.

Copyright © 2009 Claretta Taylor Webb
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