Friday, May 8, 2009

Flor de Julia - Art

Flor de Julia is a haunting and evocative portrait that depicts a cluster of beautiful, slender flowers. The red and black color scheme has a bleak mood, evoking grief and sadness. This melancholy image of flowers growing against a spare, stark white background gives a glimpse of the nature of death and the grieving process. These flowers, with their drab black stalks and leaves, evoke images of death and the grave. Perhaps growing near the headstone of the deceased Julia, these flowers seem to be in mourning themselves.

Yet the flowers themselves continue to bloom. The blossoms are vibrant, their red color evoking heat and life. Life goes on in the face of death. Though the flowers mourn, they continue to perform the processes of life and reproduction. Grief and sorrow may remain, but they will fade with time, particularly in the face of the growth of new life. Flor de Julia is a sad and beautiful piece that captures the nature of grief.

Copyright © 2009 Claretta Taylor Webb
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