Saturday, May 2, 2009

Aggressive Agenda - Art

Aggressive Agenda is an abstract piece painted in a soothing, pastel color scheme. The cool colors of this painting stand in contrast to the anger and aggression suggested by the title of this piece. This contrast is suggestive of the aggressive and self-serving agendas that can often be masked in good intentions. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the most sinister motives are often masked in beauty and goodwill. The disparity between the beautiful, relaxing colors of this piece and the aggression mentioned in the title calls attention to this aspect of the human condition.

The abstract figure that is the focus of this painting evokes the aggression mentioned in the title. The figure is monolithic, its colors aligning to create a single, dense shape. The density and color saturation of this freeform shape increases at the center, giving the impression of rage and aggression emanating from a single, central point. The nature of aggression is examined closely in Aggressive Agenda, a complex and engaging piece.

Copyright ©2008-2009 Claretta Taylor Webb
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