Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Alien Evolution - Art

In Alien Evolution, creation and evolution, two major aspects of life in this universe, are explored in elegant, freeform images. A strange, evocative image of an unknown creature winds its way up the painting, and a vibrant teal square, outlined in black, occupies the painting’s frame along with the creature. This little square of color is a representation of the elements in the environment conducive to life’s evolution – water, oxygen, and nutrients. Only when these important elements are present can life begin to emerge on any planet.

The shape of the creature itself is quite interesting. Though its fan-like shape and wiggling tail are foreign to the eyes upon first viewing, like some strange alien creature from another planet, closer inspection reveals some similarities to many life forms found on our own planet. For example, long, whip like tails are found in many simple organisms, and the strangely shaped head of the creature is strangely familiar, calling to mind images of jellyfish and other sea creatures. Alien Evolution is an evocative painting that examines the similar conditions that might exist both on our own planet, as well as those in far-off galaxies.

Copyright © 2009 Claretta Taylor Webb
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