Friday, May 22, 2009

Dazed Drunk - Art

In Dazed Drunk, a portrait is comically distorted to produce an amusing yet fascinating piece. The face in the painting is depicted with grossly distorted features. The nose is extraordinarily bulbous and large, and the eyes are set high on the face, appearing even to float somehow away from the surface of the face. An exaggerated mustache decorates the face, dominating the painting and concealing any expression the mouth may be making.

The figure does have the appearance of being drunken or dazed, as suggested by the title. The groggy appearance of the face in the portrait is primarily created by the slanted appearance and disproportionately small size of the face’s eyes. This gives an impression of sleepiness or lack of awareness. This painting is both humorous and visually appealing, making Dazed Drunk an effective and interesting piece that appeals to the viewer with a good sense of humor.

Copyright ©2009 Claretta Webb
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