Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alien Landing - Art

Alien Landing is a colorful piece that is at once both captivating and thought provoking. Featuring a complex design comprised of abstract shapes, this painting evokes a feeling of high energy and motion. A flurry of movement, this piece captures the strange excitement of an alien landing. The almost frantic energy of this painting creates a feeling of excitement combined with confusion and fear. This strange mix of excitement and fear is surely the emotional reaction that humanity would have upon learning of extraterrestrial life.

Discovery of the existence of life on other planets would be a disconcerting realization for humanity. Having operated for so long under the assumption that we are unique in the universe, this realization would completely change mankind’s perspective on human history. New discoveries, such as the possibility of liquid water elsewhere in the solar system and fossilized microbial life in Martian rock, present new challenges to humanity’s sense of identity.

Copyright © 2009 Claretta Taylor Webb
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