Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Warrior - Art

In Warrior, a complementary, primary color scheme creates a primal image of the warrior as archetype in human mythology. The primary color scheme used in this painting provides a significant insight into the history of the human concept of warrior. Red and blue, the two colors featured in this piece, are primary colors – the original colors from which all other colors are derived. In the same way, the legend of the warrior is an archetypal concept from which more modern stories are derived.

The markings that make up this piece have a tribal feel, an allusion to the warrior tradition in many ancient human civilizations with tribal societies. The markings are meaningful, the traces of red representing the spilled blood that accompanies war. The blue segments of the painting represents the nobility of the warrior. In many tribal cultures, the warrior was revered as a noble person. The warrior was rewarded and admired as a respected member of tribal society. Warrior is an evocative painting that honors the warrior tradition and its importance in human society.

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