Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sound Waves - Art

Sound Waves is a monochromatic piece depicting sound waves emanating from a source of sound. This piece has a charcoal color scheme, which gives the piece a very dark sense, for the sound waves themselves are very dark – nearly black, in fact. The source of the sound is shown at the center of the painting and appears to be a piano or an old-fashioned radio. The sound waves radiate from the central object outward, and they appear to continue past the edge of the painting, floating out into space.

This piece gives the sound waves a great sense of life and movement, though the lines are dark and heavy. In fact, the dark and substantial appearance of the sound waves gives the impression that these waves are quite powerful and have a great deal of force. The sound coming from the sound source is strong and lush, as is indicated by the thick, dark lines of the painting’s lines. Music, the type of sound most often coming from a radio or piano, is the most emotionally powerful type of sound. Perhaps this accounts for the forceful nature of the sound waves in the painting.

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