Monday, December 21, 2009

New Born - Art

New Born is an abstract piece with broad, dark lines and strong, clear shapes. In this painting, the fragile nature of new life is evoked. The newly created being, represented by a dense, dark circle of color in this piece, must be protected from the outside elements that threaten to destroy it. A broad, encompassing stroke, the line creating a barrier between the new life and the dangerous elements outside, protects the little germ of life.

This piece is fascinating, as it broaches a subject that is important to mankind – the proliferation of our way of life. In a hostile and often unwelcoming universe, new life must be protected and nurtured until it reaches maturity. In many species of life, the young are quite vulnerable for a long time after birth, and it is the responsibility of the mature members of the species to protect this young, growing life from dangers present in the surroundings. Disease, predators, weather, and other elements threaten to obliterate new life, but, as New Born shows, efforts to nurture new life can protect against these dangers.

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