Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Quiet Storms - Art

In Quiet Storms, a rosy cloud fills the painting’s frame, its composition wavy and ethereal. The storm cloud in the painting does have a very quiet impression, its hazy texture showing the white background behind the image. Like a soft white cloud in the sky before a gentle rain, this cloud is neither forbidding, nor dark like a thunderstorm cloud. This cloud is calming and peaceful, giving an impression of the relaxation imparted by a gentle, quiet rain.

The rosy color of this storm cloud also distinguishes it from an ordinary rain cloud. This rosy color indicates positivism and happiness, and this rainstorm has an uplifting effect on the spirits. Though rain is typically associated with depression and sadness, it is also true that rain can also bring joy. Rain is a necessary element in the environment, watering plants and sustaining life. In addition, the beauty of a gentle rainstorm can often fill people with feelings of happiness and secure contentment.

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