Thursday, December 24, 2009

Warped - Art

Warped, a highly abstract painting with an intriguing title, uses a complementary, dichromatic color scheme and broad strokes. The colors featured in this piece are a vibrant scarlet-red shade, along with a deep royal blue. The contrast between the colors and the way that they are painted is very striking. Red, a very warm color connoting heat and flame, is painted in broad, erratic streaks across the canvas. The red streaks have an almost schizophrenic appearance, their edges blurred as though drifting away. The smaller red streak appears to have broken off from the larger one, an image of destruction and violent separation. Here is the warped object and the focus of the painting.
The royal blue shapes interspersed with the red are dense and solid by comparison. A diamond, square, circle, and oblong rectangle are placed at different points in the painting. The clear-cut edges of the shapes and their strong color saturation stand in stark contrast to the wispy red streaks. These shapes are not warped; they are completely intact and serve as a foil for the deteriorating patches of red. An interesting study in color and texture, Warped is a meaningful painting with a provocative title and an interesting visual composition.

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