Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Garden - Art

In Garden, a muted color scheme gives this abstract, freeform painting a calm, relaxed mood. The abstract natural landscape presented in this painting is not instantly recognizable as a garden, yet its elements suggest vegetation and growing plant life. Cool greens represent the foliage, while other, more saturated colors add interest, as flower blooms and other points of interest add to the beauty of a realistic garden. Though this piece does not present the reality of a garden, the garden’s essential nature is captured in the abstract design of this piece.
The nature of the garden in this painting is also interesting to note. The shapes in the painting are freeform and natural in appearance. This garden emerges organically out of the plant life that inhabits it. It is not a structured garden, with clean, even rows of flowers and distinct geometric shapes. Instead, this garden develops its own shape, naturally occurring as the plants grow. This garden is essentially nature itself, and Garden illustrates that all of nature is humanity’s garden, to be enjoyed and protected for future generations.

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