Saturday, December 5, 2009

Released Evolution - Art

In Released Evolution, a vibrant red color scheme and a dynamic freeform shape creates an image of emerging power and movement. The vitality of the red color in this painting is significant. The color scheme of this piece is a monochromatic red, and the color saturation is quite strong in this painting. Red, a color typically associated with heat and fire, gives the image in this painting a sense of power and heat. This vibrant color scheme indicates the fiery force that exists behind all life that exists on this living planet.

The sunburst design of the figure featured in this painting creates an image of outward motion. From the center of the sunburst, all of the force of the painting emerges, expanding toward the edges of the painting’s landscape. This emergence from a central point evokes the nature of the evolution of life. From a central common ancestor, different species of life emerge like spokes on a wheel. Released Evolution is an interesting look at the nature of evolution and its constant outward expansion toward more diversity of life.

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