Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shedding - Art

Shedding is a colorful piece depicting a multi-hued creature shedding its skin. The creature, which resembles a caterpillar, is presented in yellow and orange, colors associated with high levels of energy. The creature is experiencing a rebirth, and accordingly it is imbed with a great deal of energy – the energy of renewal and rebirth. The energy of the caterpillar is contrasted with the cool, green background that it is set against.

Shedding has been associated with rebirth for centuries. The connection is clear – old skin, which represents past experiences, beliefs, or problems, is cast off. Underneath, a new skin is revealed, a healthy new start. This concept is useful to people dealing with trauma, depression, or negative memories. The idea that one can wipe the slate clean and begin again is very appealing, and this painting evokes that hope of a re=energized new existence that can be found by shedding the negativity of the past.

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