Friday, December 18, 2009

Mothers Surprise - Art

Mothers Surprise is an evocative painting that captures the fundamental nature of human reproduction. The shapes of sperm and egg, the yin and yang of conception, figure prominently in this simple piece. The monochromatic pink color scheme suggests the conception of a girl, the mother’s surprise alluded to in the title. The X-shaped end of one of the wavy, sperm-like figures supports this image of the conception of a female child. This X-shaped figure references the biological reality of conception. The male reproductive partner determines the sex of the offspring in the modern understanding of human reproduction. An X-chromosome from the father generates a female child, and the X-shaped end of the male reproductive figure in this painting alludes to this paternally determined process.

This painting is quite adept at presenting a complex biological process, capturing its nuances and determining factors. Yet the lines of this painting are quite simple, and there are just a few powerful elements. Color is a significant feature of this piece, as well simple, clear lines that can be taken in as a single, unified impression. From the first moment of viewing, Mothers Surprise creates an instant, lasting impression.

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