Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wei Waiting - Art

Wei Waiting is a dark, monochromatic piece centering on a set of Asian characters set in a gray background. The title gives insight into the meaning of the characters; “wei” is an Asian character associated with action. The title of this piece, Wei Waiting, indicates that this painting is focused on a theme of “waiting before action.” In many cases, inaction can be the best action, providing an opportunity for planning and contemplation. In this piece, the need to wait and consider before acting rashly is an essential impression imparted to the viewer.
The dark stripe to the side of the characters is an enigmatic feature of the painting. Perhaps it represents the pent-up potential of the delayed action, a force waiting to be released. The action, not yet ready to be released into the world, is a deep, dark black, its color highly saturated, which gives it an impression of restrained energy. Upon its release, the viewer can imagine the action dissipating out into the rest of the painting, adding to the gray fog that fills the rest of the frame.

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