Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rays - Art

Rays is a simple piece that reveals a great deal of movement and energy. The lines of this painting are propelled away from a central point with a great deal of energy obvious to the viewer. The rays seem to be traveling away from the center of the painting with a great deal of force and speed. Like light rays produced by a faraway star, the rays in this painting appear to be emitted by glowing orbs, resembling stars or other gaseous heavenly bodies that emit rays of light out into the universe, traveling millions of miles to be seen on earth.
The red color of the rays is also significant. Red is an extremely warm color, associated with heat. This red color represents the heat and energy of the stars, where temperatures are tens of thousands of degrees higher than anything found on this planet. The sheer power and heat of these stars provide all the energy of the universe, and this intense heat is creatively depicted in Rays, a simple painting that gives a very strong impression

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