Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mother Ecropolis - Art

In Mother Ecropolis, an abstract piece in a monochromatic color scheme, such important and ancient concerns as life and death are addressed. The title is suggestive of the word “necropolis,” meaning city of the dead, or burial place. A necropolis is a sacred place for burying the dead, such as a cemetery or mausoleum. Yet the title uses the word “ecropolis,” which has no literal meaning. However, by removing the “n” in “necropolis,” a much less sinister-sounding word emerges. Perhaps this indicates the opposite of a “city of the dead,” or rather, a “city of birth.” This is also supported by the word “mother” in the title, indicating her life-giving capacity as the focus of this piece.

The orange color scheme of this piece also reflects this life-giving force of the maternal. Orange is a strong, warm color, evoking light and heat. As the mother nurtures her young, so does this striking color warm and elevate the spirits. The painting’s simple lines are uncomplicated and natural, like a mother’s love. Mother Ecropolis play off of an eerie, disturbing word to create a calming, maternal piece that evoke the warm feelings of a birth and the renewal of life.

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