Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life Tree - Art

In Life Tree, a lush natural color scheme creates a visual impression of a tree growing in an idyllic landscape. The vivid greenery of the tree creates impression of great vitality and life force. The tree itself is surrounded by a halo of glowing yellow light, marking the great amount of energy that is surrounds this living thing. The tree illuminates and dominates the landscape of the painting, asserting itself as a prominent and majestic image.

From Genesis to modern literature, the “tree of life” has been a common motif in human mythology. The image of a tree as a giver and sustainer of life is a natural metaphor for mankind. From trees come life-giving oxygen, energy-providing fruits, and soul-sustaining natural beauty. The life sustaining qualities of trees is not merely a part of mythology – rather, it is a reality.

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