Saturday, July 18, 2009

Objection - Art

Objection is a busy, energetic piece with wavy lines that invoke the sound and image of static on a radio or television. This painting has a black-and-gray color scheme that is simple, yet compelling, for the wavy, black lines move across their gray environment with an appearance of erratic, unstoppable motion. The erratic nature of the lines’ movements causes the painting to have a mood of conflict and instability. Opposing forces seem to be in conflict in this piece, the waves crossing and clashing at various points in the painting.

The title of this piece is simply an indication of the conflict that exists at the painting’s heart. The painting is primarily a study of the static and miscommunication that can result from conflict between people. Opposing viewpoints disturb and cross each other, causing conflict and objections that disrupt the harmony of life. Objection is an interesting study of the effects of conflict, particularly on interpersonal relations.

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