Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Historical Bird - Art

In Historical Bird, the form of a bird in flight is depicted in dark, broad strokes against a barren landscape. Its body an elongated figure that spreads horizontally from end to end, and the figure of the bird becomes distorted. Its natural shape becomes almost unrecognizable, yet the essential nature of its flights is conveyed in the graceful lines of the figure in this painting.

The bird’s strange and distorted appearance reflects its status as “historical bird.” History is not a set of absolute facts and dates, but rather it is a subjective art in which perspective and personal beliefs play a large role. Perceptions of historical events change over time, and the story becomes distorted, just as the image of the bird is in this piece. Historical Bird is uses an abstract shape to portray a single bird in flight, and the nature of the image of this bird provides insight into the realities of historical perspective.

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