Friday, July 24, 2009

Swans - Art

Evoking an extraordinary and eerie mood, Swans is an abstract piece that abstractly depicts the image of birds in flight. As the title suggests, the strange form that is the focus of the painting has arcs and curves suggestive of birds’ wings. The birds in the painting appear to be very graceful, calling to mind the beauty and elegance of swans. Truly, the lines of this painting are quite beautiful, giving a striking representation of a group of birds moving as one.

The choice of such a dark color for this painting is an interesting one. Typically, one thinks of swans as being white in color, their fair color an indicator of their purity and nobility. The swans depicted in this painting, however, are dark in color, which suggests a more sinister nature. Though beautiful, these swans are black, a color associated with evil and death. The beauty of the swans is offset by their eerie and menacing color. Perhaps these swans are harbingers of some terrible news, as birds often represent foreboding and revelations of the future. The birds in Swans are beautiful, yet their menacing nature lends the painting a strange and uncertain mood.

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