Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mastec Hate - Art

The freeform piece titled Mastec Hate relies heavily on the creative use of color to give the painting depth and meaning. A hazy gray background dominates the painting, giving this piece the look of the sky on an overcast day. This gray, cloudy background gives the piece a gloomy mood. The clouds are forbidding, and they allude to the “hate” mentioned in the painting’s title. A dark line travels across the painting, and two small shapes, one green and one black, also appear in this piece.
Except for the green block that appears in the painting, this piece is a monochromatic work in gray and black tones. This choice of color gives the painting a dark, moody feel. The monochromatic color scheme also highlights the green image in the painting, which is the only incidence of color in the entire piece. Perhaps this is the object of the hate the painting has called up. As the color of greed and money, the green block may represent selfish interests that are worthy of the painting’s hate. This green block is an image of worldliness and greed, and Mastec Hate becomes a condemnation of these negative forces in the world.

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