Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kings Flail - Art

In Kings Flail, the nature of nobility is explored in abstract forms that reveal a king’s essence, if not his naturalistic appearance. The purple color chosen for this piece is very significant, for purple is a color associated with royalty. The purple color of the figure in the piece establishes this painting as a portrait of the king himself. The king is an elevated personage with great influence and privilege. By nature, he is strong and powerful, and the broad strokes used in this figure illustrate the king’s status as sovereign and supreme ruler.

Yet the position of king is not without its problems and concerns. The king is faced with stress, danger, and uncertainty frequently. The painting’s title refers to kings flailing, or expressing difficulty and desperation. Kings face danger of assassination from political rivals, stress related to difficult and important decisions, and other strains. The king’s psyche is aptly captured in Kings Flail, revealing not only his power, but also his vulnerability.

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