Friday, November 6, 2009

Rebirth - Art

In Rebirth, a strange, unknown creature seems to morph into another form, something completely different than its original body. The tail of the creature seems to be splitting, perhaps into legs or tentacles for propulsion of the organism. The rebirth, or transition, seems to be ongoing, as if the viewer has caught the creature right in the moment of change, frozen in time in this amorphous, changing state. Halfway between its old identity and the new existence it is working to assume, the creature is a fascinating study in the nature of change.
Change is a common theme in all of the arts. Many paintings and poems have been created to illustrate the change from one form to another. Perhaps this emphasis on change is so popular because change is a part of all life. Organisms pass through different life stages, changing, often dramatically, with each one. Change happens frequently in the modern world, as culture changes rapidly because of new communications technology. Rebirth, and its accompanying changes, is an important topic that is treated in a very unique way in the painting Rebirth.

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