Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Peacocked - Art

In Peacocked, a beautiful, exotic bird is captured in close-up, the painting focusing on the beautiful plumage of this elegant creature. The peacock’s tail is studied in great detail in this piece, though the artist has chosen a quite unusual color scheme for a peacock’s tail. Though a typical male peacock’s plumage consists largely of cool colors, such as green and blue, this peacock has a warm, rosy background. This unusual choice of color gives the peacock a new aspect, allowing the painting’s viewer to see the peacock in an entirely new light.
By changing one aspect of a familiar sight, an artist can force the viewer to pay more attention to surroundings. This peacock is strikingly different, and seeing this difference forces the viewer to think about what a typical peacock looks like, perhaps remembering more details than he or she might have thought possible. This slight change in the portrayal of the peacock’s tail gives Peacocked an exciting effect, making this a unique and provocative piece.

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