Thursday, November 5, 2009

Development - Art

Development is a painting that is predominantly characterized by its colors. Four swatches of densely saturated color are set against a cool green background. Blue, orange, purple, and red shades are set against each other, their vibrancy standing out against the pale green of the background. Another interesting feature of this painting is the way that the colors bleed into their background, particularly the blue shade.
The painting’s title suggests that this painting may depict an aerial view of some manmade development. The color blocks that are the focus of this painting represent individually subdivided lots in the development. The ecologically destructive nature of these developments is shown in the bleeding of the colors in to the surrounding background. The cool green color of the background indicates that this segment of the painting represents the natural world, green being a color typically associated with nature. Nature is inevitably affected by mankind’s construction and expansion, a scenario skillfully depicted in Development.

©1998-2009 Claretta Taylor Webb. All Rights Reserved
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