Monday, November 16, 2009

Mothers - Art

Mothers is a moving piece featuring several simply drawn human figures. A study in motherhood, this piece captures the shape and lines of the female form. A group of women, representing maternal power and femininity, move across the painting in a line. The central figure in the painting has a tribal appearance, as though the figure is presiding over some sort of mystic spiritual ritual. This religious rite is likely a ritual of fertility, common in many cultures.
The blurry edges of the female forms depicted in this painting suggest vigorous movement. The women are not simply trudging or marching across the frame of the painting. Rather, they are moving jubilantly and with energy, filled with joy at performing this significant cultural ritual. Mothers gives a strongly positive portrayal of motherhood, focusing on its joys and excitement. Also implied by the ritualistic nature of this piece is the connection between mothers of different times in human history. An ever-present aspect of the human condition, motherhood and the power of childbirth is a strong link between modern women and women of centuries past.

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