Thursday, November 26, 2009

Musical Spells - Art

In Musical Spells, the power of music to influence and control human emotion is explored in a densely shaded, monochromatic piece. A musical note, as one would find on a page of sheet music, is an important figure in this painting. The mood of the painting itself is dark, and the painting is filled with shadow and darkness up to its very edges. The painting shows the impact that music can have on the human mood and psyche. Music as the power to change one’s mood, and this strong power is shown by the dense color saturation that dominates this piece.
The painting’s simple lines belie the painting’s strong emotional power. Just like the music that is its subject, this piece draws the viewer under its spell. The painting’s effect on one’s mood is immediate, drawing one in and imposing a dark, moody feeling upon first viewing. This is the nature of art, whether it is a painting or music. The emotional impact of the piece is directly related to its success. And Musical Spells is an emotionally piece that carries a great deal of emotional power, and it also depicts in a vivid way the significant ways that music can control human emotional states, much in the same way that art can.

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