Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holding Us Together - Art

Holding Us Together is a beautiful and moving painting that portrays a pair of interlocked hands in a naturalistic style. Though slightly distorted, the outline and shape of the interlaced hands is quite clear. The hands are clutching each other quite closely, giving a strong impression of human connection. As the title suggests, the hands are a point of connection, a point at which two people bring themselves closer together. Physical contact is an important human need, and this painting evokes the strong pull of this need and the feelings of comfort and security that can be had through human contact.
This piece is drawn in charcoal tones, giving focus to the shape of the hands and their position within the frame. The hands are central in the frame, giving them an important focus, and the criss-crossed fingers of the hands are drawn carefully and realistically. The beauty of this piece is quite striking, and Holding Us Together leaves the viewer with a greater appreciation of the importance of human physical contact and friendship.

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