Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nautical Sunburst - Art

In Nautical Sunburst, a central bloom dominates the painting, its blossom straining upward with obvious force. The title and the wavy line that stretches across the painting suggest that this bloom exists at sea, rising up from the water toward the sky. Also suggested is the idea that this bloom is in fact a sunburst, or rather that it is not a flower in the typical sense, but more likely a heated explosion. The red color of the sunburst, which calls to mind heat and flames, also corroborates this understanding of the sunburst as an explosion with a great deal of power, energy, and heat.
The nature of this sunburst, its occurrence in the middle of the sea and its obvious heat and power, suggests an explosion. This sunburst is likely the result of the bombing of a ship or other man-made explosion on the water. This painting becomes a depiction of war and its effects. The power of human weapons to release energy and heat is captured in Nautical Sunburst, a striking image of nautical warfare. This piece is simple, yet it is quite effective and leaves the viewer with a strong impression of the explosive sunburst and the powerful upward movement of explosive energy and fire being released into the sky.

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