Sunday, November 1, 2009

Guardian - Art

Guardian is an abstract, freeform piece in a monochromatic color scheme, and it provides a look at the nature of guardianship and protection. The lone figure in this painting stands solitary in an empty landscape. The solitary nature of this image suggests the lonely nature of the duties of guardianship. Often, those who are being protected are not appreciative. Though the guardian may be looking out for their bests interests, many times people resent this well-intended help, which can make the guardian himself unpopular and lonely.

The monochromatic color scheme of this painting also evokes this loneliness. The use of a single color invokes solitude, for no complementary or accompanying colors are used in this piece. Additionally, the darkness of this color scheme creates a depressive, melancholy mood. This sorrowful mood indicates the pain that can often accompany great responsibility such as guardianship.

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