Monday, November 23, 2009

Never Stop and Wonder - Art

In Never Stop and Wonder, the erratic and unpredictable nature of the universe is captured in a few unstable, volatile lines. The painting’s title admonishes the viewer not to stop and wonder about the things seen in the world at large. Like the erratic, jumpy lines of the painting, life cannot be explained or understood fully, and so there is no point in stopping to wonder about the strange, sometimes frightening things that can be seen in one’s environment.
The painting’s lines are jagged and unpredictable, moving across the painting in no discernible pattern. This jumble of lines reflects the energy and chaos of the universe, and, though there is an immediate desire in the viewer to impose some kind of order on these unruly lines and shapes, it is not possible to do so. Just as one cannot impose order on the universe, the wild, uncontrolled lines of this piece cannot be forced into any prescribed shape or form.
Never Stop and Wonder is a vivid abstract piece that is almost frantic in its strange and indomitable lines. All the strangeness and fearsome finality of the universe is captured in this piece. The painting’s lines seem to defy human control, just as the universe also cannot be fully comprehended or controlled by mankind.

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