Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dragon - Art

Dragon is a mysterious piece depicting the abstract form of a dragon, a mythical creature that has been an important part of human mythology since the dawn of mankind. The dragon is a significant symbol in many cultures. The dragon has positive connotations in many Asian cultures, while Europeans have long associated dragons with danger and evil. The dragon in this painting is shown in a dark, gray color, which gives it a threatening air. A glowing red eye adds to the sense of menace in this dragon’s evocative portrait.
Dragons have appeared in myths and stories again and again, causing one to wonder how this idea could have emerged in so many different cultures in so many different locations. In fact, ancient people discovered dinosaur fossils, and, assuming that these massive reptilian creatures had died only recently, developed the concept of a living, breathing dragon. And so the image of the dragon became a part of mankind’s imagination forever.

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