Thursday, October 22, 2009

Warmth - Art

In Warmth, an obscure figure huddles in the center of the painting. The figure has an indistinct form, but it is clearly huddled under some sort of cover amidst the darkness that overwhelms the rest of the piece. The shapeless figure appears to have its head bent against the dark wind that swirls around. Though the painting’s title is Warmth, the viewer can almost feel the ice-cold wind of the painting as it swirls about the little figure huddle beneath its covers, the wind’s frozen darkness leaving one with a frightening and chilling impression.

Yet the figure in the painting finds a source of warmth in this cold, desolate landscape. By huddling up, the figure traps its own warmth under its cover, using its own heat to maintain life in a cold, uninviting place. The figure’s ability to survive and find a source of warmth in this desolate place is inspiring, for by relying upon oneself, a person can sustain himself or herself in any situation.

This human ability to self-sustain has protected many men and women. The survival instinct is strong, and people find ways to protect themselves, both physically and emotionally, from damaging factors in their environment. Internal strength is the greatest source of warmth and sustenance, a strength that can sustain a person in unthinkably terrible conditions.

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