Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hurtful Genes - Art

In Hurtful Genes, a monochromatic color scheme fills the painting’s landscape to create a commentary on the impact that genetic predisposition has on the lives of all living things. The green color chosen for this piece reflects the painting’s focus on living organisms. A color associated with life and nature, green invokes the concept of regeneration and life. Genes make the reproduction of life possible by passing on genetic information about physical and mental traits to the next generation of organisms.

As the title suggests, genes pass on not only positive characteristics, but also flaws and genetic problems. Many devastating diseases are passed on in the genetic material, as well as negative character traits, such as a tendency toward addiction or mental illness. Although these genes comprise the basic identity of the individual organism, they can also be seen as harmful, for they also pass down the problems and health concerns of the parents. Harmful Genes is an intriguing study of the nature of genetic inheritance and its dual nature as creator of life and harbinger of disease.

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