Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nite Lore - Art

Nite Lore is a dark piece capturing the natural human fear of darkness and the unknown dangers that may lurk there. The concentric circles that are the focus of this painting are almost hypnotic, evoking the fearful captivation that the night can induce in a person’s mind. The alternative spelling of the word “night” in the painting’s title suggests another potential view of the image in the painting. “Nite” is a spelling that is often used for commercial and marketing purposes, such as in a product name.

The modern product depicted in this painting is a night-light meant to ward off the fear of the night. The circular night-light is a point of light that illuminates its immediate surroundings, accounting for the bright background of the painting. The night-light is a perfect example of the efforts of mankind to ward off the darkness, its primal power and ability to produce fear a threat to modern and ancient man alike. Just as prehistoric man conquered the power of fire as a weapon against the darkness, so does modern man use the powers at his disposal to ward off the source of his fear.

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