Sunday, October 4, 2009

Queens Price - Art

In Queens Price, a contrasting color scheme and abstract shapes reflect a folkloric storytelling style in visual terms. The color scheme in this piece is comprised of two dominant colors. A rusty red shade and a cool lavender occupy this painting, and the two contrasting colors blend together at certain points in the abstract set of figures that is the focus of this painting. The dichotomy of the two contrasting colors represents the opposing forces of good and evil that feature in folkloric stories that appear in the oral traditions of many cultures.

The figures in this painting have an almost tribal appearance, as though they are characters in some ancient, mysterious hieroglyphic alphabet. This similarity to tribal markings indicates the storytelling aspect of this painting, which is a visual representation of the story of a queen’s great sacrifice, told in the style of an oral folklore. Prominent leaders and royalty have always been common subjects for stories in the oral tradition. Since the most primitive civilizations, stories of good and evil and of sacrifice have appeared in human folklore, and Queens Price is a tribute to this storytelling tradition.

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