Sunday, October 11, 2009

Silent Jewel - Art

Using a bright red color scheme, Silent Jewel is a visually riveting piece with strong, curved lines and an elegant symmetry. A monochromatic design in a vibrant scarlet hue is the focal point of this piece. The jewel-like red tone reflects the painting’s title, and indeed, the image’s curves are elegant and bring to mind nobility and stature, as would a prize ruby of the same shade.

Silent Jewel is a visually appealing piece, as the design is quite beautiful and has a mysterious appeal. The vibrant red color seems to glow against the white background of the painting. The well-designed shape of the figure draws the viewer’s eye, and the fiery red shade appears multi-faceted as a jewel might be.

The choice of red is quite interesting in this piece. The jewel-like image and red color suggest a ruby, which has long been a symbol of love in many cultures. The ruby has also been associated with health, and even immortality. Considering these cultural meanings of the ruby gemstone brings new interest to an already beautiful and intriguing painting.

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