Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sweeping - Art

Sweeping is an intriguing piece, and it is one that deserves close and careful consideration. This piece is dichromatic, its color scheme consisting of two colors – black and a rich, royal blue shade. The abstract black figure featured in the painting represents a person sweeping dirt and dust from the floor. With each stroke of the broom, the dirt flies into the air, an action represented by the wispy, insubstantial streaks of black that seem to float up into the air. The painting gives the impression of this ordinary task in a way that is visually exciting and suggestive of vigorous movement.

Though it is a highly recognizable and pleasing depiction of a man or woman sweeping up dust, Sweeping has an additional layer of meaning that is important to consider. Because the rest of the painting is black, the royal blue streak in the painting is particularly significant. This blue shade, almost purple, represents nobility and wealth. Blue has long been associated with wealth and power. This blue swath represents the “blueblood” element of society, and it is a crucial feature of the painting’s underlying meaning. The figure in the painting is not sweeping his or her home, but rather the figure is an employee of a wealthy family, working to clean their lavish home. Considering this interpretation, Sweeping is a meaningful and thought-provoking piece that gives a closer look into human socioeconomic relations.

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