Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Indian Summer - Art

Indian Summer is an abstract, expressionistic piece that reflects the natural beauty of an unexpected warm day in the middle of the coolness of fall. The naturalistic color scheme chosen for this piece invokes typical fall colors, including tan, brown, and yellow. These autumnal shades present an image of falling leaves blown in the air on cool, fall winds. Yet, the painting has a great deal of warmth, and the yellow shade is vibrant and gives an impression of a warm, shining sun, providing unexpected heat in the midst of a typical fall day.

The structure of this piece is primarily quite abstract. Little streaks of neutral browns pepper the painting’s landscape, evoking images of leaves falling, wafting gently through the air toward the cool ground. The yellow heat of the sun seems concentrated in a single area of the painting, perhaps an indication of the fleeting and episodic nature of an Indian summer. By definition, this is a temporary pleasure, isolated to a single day or week in the fall. Eventually, the warm weather will yield to cool autumnal winds, and the sun’s heat will fade into winter.

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