Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Taking a Stand - Art

Taking a Stand is an abstract piece that features a number of elements. At the center of the painting is a faded gray column that has a stippled texture. Other, more colorful elements can be seen on either side of the column. On one side, set off by a curved black line, three colored circles appear – one each in beige, yellow, and teal. Filling the other side of the painting is a cluster of pinkish-red lines. These coral-colored lines also appear in a smaller segment above the colored circles.

The painting’s title implies that someone or something is taking a stand against an oppressive force. The most likely candidates are the colored circles, for they are the most individualized elements of the painting, appearing as distinct, independent objects. Yet one still wonders what they are standing up to. The faded gray column may be their last defense, a fortress that is failing against an oppressive force represented by the red lines. Red is a forceful color, the color of war, and it seems to have filled one side of the painting and is creeping into the side where the colored circles reside. It is this aggressive force that they must take a stand against, as their barrier appears to be letting this invading force into their safe haven. Taking a Stand is a complex piece with many conceptual elements to reconcile; yet it is an intriguing work that is worth the effort.
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