Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snow Blossom - Art

In Snow Blossom, the artist evokes the cold beauty of a frozen snowflake. The snowflake becomes the winter’s blossom, the flower that can bloom in subzero temperatures. The painting shows that there is beauty to be found in the coldest, most barren landscapes. The painting is a monochromatic, close-up view of a snowflake. The snowflake has a crystalline appearance, marked by facets and angles of cold and frozen ice.

The choice of blue for the color scheme of this painting is also significant. Blue is a color often associated with cold and ice. By using this color, the painting creates in the viewer a strong sense of the cold, icy feel of a snowflake on the hand or face. The blue of the snowflake is quite cool in tone, not pale and not dark. This frozen shade of blue calls to mind a snowy day in January or the frigid chill of an Arctic glacier.

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